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Once upon a time in 1849

The California gold rush began in early 1848 after gold was found near Sacramento. The first lucky Californians to rush into these gold mines earned in 6 months what they used to earn in 6 years. Word spread quickly, and thousands of Americans, Latinos, European and Asian merchants joined the rush in 1849. In less than a year, 100.000 immigrants had quit their job, bought a pan and a pickaxe to get a piece of the golden cake. They will remain etched in history as "49ers".

Lucky fortyniners
Lucky fortyniners in the American river

From gold to silicon

The thirst for gold may have dried up these days, but California is still a dream. Internet billionnaires have become new role models for an entire generation. They started a new rush, where gold has been replaced by another resource just as rare : programmers. Companies are now competing for the best developers in every major tech scene, from San Francisco to New York, London, Paris, Tel-Aviv and Singapore.

We are 49ers

Finding the best tech talents is just as difficult as finding gold in a river. You need to be at the right place at the right time. You need to have the right tools, and you need to know how to use them. You need to be patient. We may have traded pans for phones and pickaxes for laptops, but we share the same ambition as our ancestors : finding gold. We are gold seekers.

We are fortyniners.

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